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da cutest shitttttttter

Free Backlink Tool
Remember the yahoo site explorer?
We're gonna be like that but more awesome.
Built using common crawl.
I would like to strongly encourage you to donate to them.

Word Mongolian - Free Keyword Combiner
Word merging and keyword grouping.
This tool is in alpha version.
Aiming for an October Beta Version
Check this out, it won't make us code faster but its still pretty rad.
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Keyword Shitter Fire - $240,000 Per Year

Keyword Shitter Platinum - $45,000 Per Year

Keyword Shitter Gold - $9,000 Per Year

Keyword Shitter Silver - $900 Per Year.

Keyword Shitter Lightening - 5$

HERP DERP HERP I have hot air to blow!

So we're making a super duper spread sheet to do keyword research with.

You can check it out HERE !
Soon you will be able to buy lightening automatically in the sheet.
Services will be back when I get more people trained.
Give me good feedback in the chat and you can have lots of free credits!