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Backlink Checker Tool
A bunch of us really missed the yahoo site explorer.
So we're making something sorta similar. Its more of a backlink index.
We're going to keep it free for normal users with a very competitively priced power user plan.

Keyword Generator
This is our advanced keyword combiner. We're going to use it to train a labeling system.
Help us out by emailing suggestions to this tools really early versiony sorry.

The Keyword Tool Blog

I need to rank number 1 for keyword tool. At some point on some intersecting timeline, I ran into a pool playing time traveler.
He proceeded to take me for a steak dinner with some crazy bankshots, and get me into a couple of bets. One of which was ranking for keyword tool.
I didn't think much of it, but then his medium post popped up on the front page. Frankly it was a bit of a call out.
The only solution is to get more popular than him. All I really have is a poop joke and notepad ++.
O right, Thankfully I'm a wizard and a bit of a time traveler to.
To win this competition its pretty simple. I will have to use my space ship to disable the time travelers time machine before its to late.
Dear Mister Time traveler,
I'm going to rank a poop joke above you for keyword tool.
Then, I'm going to send you special edition T-Shirt that says I got outranked by a poop joke.
I'm going to do this by making a bunch of really amazing keyword tools.
Spending an hour or 2 a day on playing seo expert, content marketing director and head web developer.
Documenting a lot of what I do, right here.

3rd Party tools I use for this site.

Notepad++, Filezilla, Google, and Ahrefs, Bing.

Report 1. 2/12/2019 Ranking Keyword shitter ranking 102 - Enemy ranking 8

Time to get to work. Not even being top 100 sucks. This is rather humiliating. Time traveling for rankings should be banned.
I guess I will get started by refreshing content and correcting some spelling mistakes.
Tommorow I will try and fix some html errors. After that I will probably start with some content research and fixing up tagging.

Report 2. 2/14/2019 Ranking 97 - Bounced around a couple times and landed up 5.

Wow, how are we already top 100. Google is really forgiving lol.
I forgot to work yesterday. To busy with weather. I'm not going to work very hard today. It's a holiday. Shoot me.
I guess we gotta get a 300 word entry together. I went and bought a Ahrefs package.
Been a super fan and api customer for ages, never really used their web ui though.
I'm kinda suprised by the number of tools in their package. I guess I will give them all a try and write a review.
Havn't really had time to think to hard about how I'm going do this project.
I started making a list of html errors and content resources.

Report 3. 2/15/2019 Ranking 92

Report 4. 2/17.2019 Ranking 87