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A few months back I was drinking with some SEO NOOB who does client work......
I'm not a very good drinker so I guess one thing led to another and an seo contest for keyword tool was declared.
Kinda forgot about the whole thing.
Then the unthinkable happened.
A crazy call out post was made on medium, and the noob ranked it first page for keyword tool in a month flat...
We can't have plebs who do client work actually ranking for things. They might share cabal seeeeekrits with those dastardly capitolist pigs.
I'm officially calling an emergency assembly of the SEO wizards guild.
Guild masters please report to the dungeon for an emergency war council.
As for you Mister Noob, I know you're reading this. Consider your declaration of war accepted. No quarter shall be given.
You're going to get outranked by a poop joke. Even if we have to sacrifice all of my sacred goats.

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