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Juicy Taco 5$

Shit Shack Bulk Close Out Sale in Progress.

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Juicy Taco 5$ No Discounts

Keyword clusters with great traffic value to competition ratios. 80$ Each
One Man Army Developers 100$ per hour
Senior Level Minions 90$ per hour
Useful minions that code 49$ per hour
Useful minions that draw 49$ per hour
Useful minions that write 49$ per hour
Useful Project Managers 70$ per hour
White Hat Link Building and PR 80$ per hour
Efficient Designers 39$ per hour
Ultra High Quality Designers 80$ per hour
Technical SEO Ninja 2$ per hour
Photo Editing Monkey 24$ per hour
Boot Campers and Coding Interns 24$ per hour
Specialty Marketing People 90$ per hour
Brokered Job Site Scrum Masters 4$ per hour
Operations Manager 80$ per hour
Affiliate Manager 60$ per hour


Guest articles from writers with real promotional channels + basic promotion. 800$
The cheapest way to get white hat links!

da cutest shitttttttter

Free Backlink Explorer
No strings attached free index of the common crawl.
Support open data.
Donate to them HERE

Word Mongolian - Free Keyword Combiner
Word merging and keyword grouping.
This tool is in alpha version.
Aiming for an October Beta Version

Keyword Shitter Fire - $240,000 Per Year

Keyword Shitter Platinum - $45,000 Per Year

Keyword Shitter Gold - $9,000 Per Year

Keyword Shitter Silver - $900 Per Year.

Keyword Shitter Lightening - 5$

Shitty Blog

Coming soon! New Research Friendly Search Engine

Announcing 2020 International SEO Competition for "Search Engine"

100,000 free sheet coins for the winner. + 500 bonus shit coins.
Email from your domain name to enter.
1 Domain name per entrant.
Target keyword is "Search Engine"
Rank for search engine, by making some absolutely amazing media and tastefully promoting it.
Or just make a search engine. -_- It will be good for your SEO skills.
Enter by January 1st to be eligible for prizes.
Contest Ends December 31st 2020

Coming Soon The Free Digital Marketing Tools Super Table

I wanted to help improve the free stuff results related for digital marketing tools.
The rise of "Free" cripleware backed by coolaide content spewers as a business model is annoying and needs to be defeated.

Check out Keyword Sheeter!

Also I wanted to use the word keyword tool again in case this page ever comes off penalty.
I'm still going to outrank that stupid time traveler.